Nachos $7/9-

Nacho cheese, beans, sour cream, guac, jalapeño, meat


Loaded fries $7/9-

Jack & cheddar cheese, beans, sour cream, guac, jalapeño, meat, grilled onions, cilantro


Taco $3-

Meat, salsa, onion, cilantro

w/fish or shrimp $4-


Enchilada $3-

Meat, jack & cheddar cheeses, green sauce

w/fish or shrimp $4-


Quesadilla $8-

Jack & cheddar cheese, sour cream, guac, meat

w/fish or shrimp $10-


Burrito $8- 

Beans, rice, jack & cheddar cheese, salsa, cilantro, meat

w/sour cream and guac $10-

w/grilled onions and peppers $10-

w/fish or shrimp $10-


Ensalada de casa $5/7-

Mixed greens, vinaigrette, tomato, avocado

w/meat $8/10

w/fish or shrimp $9/11


Meat and filling options

Al pastor

Carne Asada


Korean bbq beef

Korean bbq pork


shredded chicken

Thai chicken


The Drink Menu

The Griffin serves amazing specialty drinks, wine, and beer!

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